Through our Bridge2asia programme, Asia Marketing Service acts as a distributor and marketing agent for several top-performing Asian hedge funds and mutual funds. Although these Asian funds are consistently some of the highest-yielding investment funds in the world, they are relatively unknown outside of Asia. Our goal is to introduce qualified investors in Europe and the Americas to these exclusive funds that savvy Asian investors are already taking advantage of and profiting from. Some of the funds that we currently recommend are as follows:

Aberdeen Asia Pacific Fund
  Managed by Aberdeen Asset Management, Global

BIA Pacific Macro Fund
  Managed by Ballingal Investment Advisors, Hong Kong

BlackRock World Mining Fund
  Managed by BlackRock Investment Management, Global

CAI Global Fund
  Managed by Central Asset Investments, Hong Kong

Essentia Managed Futures Fund
  Managed by Beneficentia, Cyprus

HSBC World Selection Balanced Portfolio Fund
  Managed by HSBC, Global

Orchid China Master Fund
  Managed by Orchid Asia Group, Hong Kong / China

Pennington Distressed Assets Fund
  Managed by Pennington Fund, Hong Kong

Quantedge Global Fund
  Managed by Quantedge, Singapore

Segantii Asia-Pacific Equity Multi-Strategy Fund
  Managed by Segantii Capital Management, Hong Kong

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